Extraordinary refit

This project in progress shows the fascinating building process of one of the most challenging projects in luxury-yacht creation, unequalled in its dimension, grace, intellect and engineering. YAS, one of the largest private luxury yachts in the world, was built in Abu Dhabi by ADMShipyards. The steel hull, originally of a former Dutch Navy frigate, has a length overall of 462,5 feet to witch a composite superstructure is added, provides a foundation of magnificent strength and endurance.


The originally military frigate is transformed by Pierrejean Design Studio, specialized in aircraft interior design (private and commercial) and in yacht interior and exterior design. Creating the unlimited feeling of space in a limited entity, a solitude architectonical structure in the air or on the water-surface is in general their challenge.

YAS inspires due to its rare origin, elegant profile and balance between style, stability and speed. The high-tech interior and futuristic industrial design perfectly refers to the high-tech, innovative details, materials machinery, engineering and construction of this unique project.

Well-known marine writer Jack Somer, international renowned photographer Dick Holthuis and Mizja Haak (founder of Colorativa) worked in close collaboration to document this fascinating project. The refined high-quality documentairy book includes the frigate history, the rebuilding process and finally the commissioning of this fabulous private yacht by it’s owner.

Concept & book development: Somer, Holthuis & Haak

Text  |  Jack Somer
Photography  |  Dick Holthuis
Lithography, Prepress & Print Management  |  Mizja Haak
Print  |  Colorativa-HDRP