Sapphire + Steel



This Sapphire+Steel publication is a result of their participation in the WinterSALON/ 2011. Madhodology is produced and sponsored by Colorativa.

Images are dealing with the human emotions stripped of decorum. Pure simplicity, no excesses; retreat in a literal and figurative way. In their later work the individual is paramount. No redundant clothes or décor attracting attention or predominate in a way.
By means of precise direction of the photographers and the ‘language’ of the models, a tension is created between acting on one side and letting go on the other side. From a tight preparation with sketched out images to improvisation leading to surprises.

Tom van Heel, Edel Verzijl & Colorativa collaborated on

Color, imaging & print consultancy / Color management / Image processing & manipulation / Color proofing / Prepress / Print, procurement & management / Offset and inkjet print, Colorativa-HDRP / Soft cover book binding / Quality management