With Colorativa-HDRP all colors come to life as never before.


With the wide gamut color system Colorativa-HDRP the usage of extra spot colors, or expensive systems like Hexachrome and Opaltone, is not necessary anymore. Fire engine red, cobalt blue, orange and grass green can be reproduced. Compared to standard CMYK, Colorativa-HDRP’s subtle reproduction details will catch anyone’s eye and leave them speechless.

Needles to say that Colorativa-HDRP is most fittingly made for reproduction of Pantone and RAL color swatches, exclusive photo books, hi-end catalogues, and magazines – all on coated and/or uncoated paper.
Colorativa’s uniquely pure and transparent HDRP inks are capable of recreating the colors of the original photography with great precision. No more deviation from the original photograph’s quality, no more disappointing fading or graying of colors.
Because our premium color space practically covers the whole Adobe RGB color field it is possible to work within the RGB color field during most of the production process. This facilitates correction and filtering in the RGB color field.