Jean-Dominique Burton


Ensemble, nous construisons l’avenir

Colorativa produced – in collaboration with graphic designer Steven Theunis and photographer Jean-Dominique Burton – a magnificent book about the mining industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This book is the showpiece of the colorful industrialist George Forrest.


Since 1922 the innovative family company, investing and working in Groupe Forrest International, works and explores in a wide range of areas, from the cement production and food production to construction, aeronautics and renewable energy. They support art and education facilities in Congo. This fascinating book is a portrait of its activities range, an industrial history, through the rhythm and colors, intimacy of the photos. The images show a progressing, dynamic, optimistic Africa, illustrating that art and industry are not so estranged from each other, that they share a common theme: human activity and creativity.

Dominique Burton, photographer, searching for the essential hidden treasure in an image by both the archeological and ethnological approach, scanning traces and unfolding the enigma of specific cultures:

The first Colorativa-HDRP color proofs of my own photographs were encouraging. Yet, while observing the press doing its job, I became fully convinced! What you see (on screen, after developing) is what you get.’

Steven Theunis, graphic designer, specialized in finding the subtle balance between text, arts and crafts to express human life and literature in an integer adventurous way:

We are always looking for the right angle to lift a project to a higher level. The choice of Colorativa-HDRP defined this project. Jean-Dominique’s images of mines, ores and machinery remain as precise of detail, as subtle, but also as powerful as original photo print.’


Jean-Dominique Burton & Colorativa collaborated on

Color, imaging & print consultancy / Color management / Image processing & manipulation / Creative image retouch / Color proofing / Prepress / Print, procurement & management / Offset and inkjet print, Colorativa-HDRP / Hard cover book binding / Quality management